Dump-and-Bake Chicken Marinara Gnocchi

Dump-and-Bake Chicken Marinara Gnocchi

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Dump-and-Bake Chicken Marinara Gnocchi- OH MY GOSH have you ever got to try this recipe. I found it on The Seasoned Mom. We were so busy this weekend what with my youngest daughter’s photo shoot (which I will tell  you all about later on) and all and I just did not and I repeat did not have time to prepare a delicious healthy dinner for my family nor had I prepared anything ahead of time (yes, even perfect moms like me do occasionally have days when they are not all that perfect- LOL considering every day is a day like that for me :O) .) So where was I (see I told you- apparently not a perfect morning either :o) ) – oh yeah, I had come across this recipe for a Dump-And-Bake meal and I decided to try it in hopes of saving my family from yet another meal of either fast food fare or TV dinners- YIKES!- and WOW! was it ever easy and delicious not to mention healthy as well. And what’s awesome is that it gave me a chance to use my new GURO Cast Iron Enamel Coated Oval Dome Casserole which I have been wanting to use for quite some time but I got caught up in using my Instant Pot for just about every recipe including desserts. It made dinner that much more delicious and so easy!

It’s made with this overlooked staple called gnocchi. It’s seriously overlooked but should be in our pantry for days just like these. It absolutely makes this recipe.

My youngest daughter helped me make it even though she was super tired after her long day. Did I mention that we ran out shopping for two outfits to add to her fashion wardrobe for the photo shoot right before she had to rush home and get ready for her big day? I guess it’s good teaching her early on what it’s like working all day long at a stressful job and then coming home and preparing dinner for her family- poor baby girl O:).

I did have a little bit of a hard time finding the little potato dumplings.  I thought I might need to go with the larger ones which would have increased my cooking time a wee bit but luckily I did finally find them. Different Walmarts can vary a little on what they carry so be sure to look around and not lose patience quickly.

Here’s the recipe:

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