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 This Dog Harness Rocks

Dog Harness for Large, Medium & Small Breed – Leash Included; Reflective, Adjustable Harness With Handle. No Choke, No Slip. Excellent for Training, Walking, Hiking. No Pull Effect. 

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The harness is made out of very durable materials. This is a complete system and also includes a 78-inch nylon leash.The harness is very easy to use and to put on my dog. It has heavy-duty plastic buckles and the top of the harness also has a hand pull as well as the metal D hook for the leash to clip onto.This harness is adjustable near the shoulder and under the front of the chest.I have no idea how much our dog weighs I’m guessing close to 40 lbs but she is a very wide dog, and trying to find collars and clothes to fit her is almost impossible, especially when buying things online or in stores when she’s not there to fit her.

In the short time we’ve had her we’ve had to return so many things dues to sizing, so I was not really sure that this harness would even fit her but I had to run the strap all the way out on this harness and then only had about 1 inch of extra nylon strap left. Right now it fits great, looks great and is made of high-quality materials. Workmanship is excellent. I have no doubt that this will be a very long lasting product.This harness also has white reflective stitching for strenuous walking and is also water resistant.This worked very well for my dog.

There was less pulling and she walked very nicely on the leash especially since she is just now getting used to walking on a leash. I do like having the ability to hold onto the grab handle on the back, especially when she sees another dog or children and wants to go the other way after them or pull towards them.The person selling this harness and leash supplied me with a tremendous discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. 

I rely on product reviews just like others to help make my purchase decisions so I try each product very carefully before reviewing and always do my best to leave honest opinions and to provide as many facts as possible based solely on my experience.

In conclusion, I love this product so far and I’m really excited about the progress it has allowed my dog and myself in our walking adventures and as far as her discipline issues as it is helping to enforce positive and constructive discipline which is making her into an amazing puppy. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking into purchasing a harness for their dogs. 

Take care until next time, Kelli