Our Puppy Is Out To Get Us! 


Okay whether we name the puppy Zool The Destructor or not I have no idea but I will say she is definitely living up to that name and then some. Since we got home from Flagstaff she has eaten so many things I have lost count! Yesterday my 13-year-old daughter calls me after school and tells me that BooBoo has eaten her bra. Yes, that’s right- her bra. Not only was there a huge hole in it right where her delicate parts go but the hooks were bent in all sorts of directions. I then come home to my brand new dish towels torn apart and buried in our vegetable garden in the backyard. She had already dug up all our little plants a couple months ago when we moved in. Along with my dish towels, she got a hold of my youngest daughter’s beautiful porcelain doll undressing her, pulling her head from her body after she yanked her hair out and chewed the curls into a messy tangle (I think she ate the brains :o) ) and then she somehow crushed the face into several pieces. Can I just say YIKES! My daughter cried and cried! 

Right after dinner, we found a stuffed animal belonging to my son with his ear chewed off and all the stuffing savagely removed and strewn all over our bedroom. No sooner had we comforted my son and convinced all the children that we were going to keep BooBoo even though they were convinced we weren’t going to keep her because she was just too naughty than we cleaned up all the mess and settled in for the evening. My husband and I stayed in our bedroom listening to music and working on our laptops while the kids played in their rooms. We were having a very peaceful evening, that is until BooBoo jumped up on our bed. She was so quiet and seemed to want to snuggle with us stretching out between us with her face rubbing over my keyboard and then settling into her chosen spot. I noticed she was chewing on something- a piece of plastic. What the heck? So I just threw it away. I then returned to my computer and guess what I found. Yep, that’s right- my =/+ key was missing. Okay, the kids were right. She is just too naughty. She must go immediately! No, I’m just kidding! Not immediately-soon. No. Now I’m really just kidding! I could never get rid of our puppy or any puppy really. I did put her out of the room though So I could go back to what I was doing. My husband was still laughing at just how ridiculous this situation was and he coaxed me into a giggle or two even though I was upset about my laptop- it’s new. All of a sudden we hear a strange mechanical whirring outside of our bedroom door. We thought maybe the kids were doing something. We couldn’t place it but then it stopped. Our daughter comes in and asked my husband if he left his razor running- of course, he didn’t and he noticed two pieces were missing. Now it was my turn to laugh at the absurdity of the whole matter- I mean our too adorable for words puppy did all of this within the span of maybe one and a half hours. We aren’t safe. We need to hide everything and put a barricade up. She reminds me of Jaws! That’s her picture above- what do you think- doesn’t she look like Jaws? :O) I’ve always thought Jaws was going to get me ever since I was a young teenager and I saw the movie. It’s coming true! Help!

Well, I need to get back to what I was doing and take my laptop in to replace the missing key and buy my husband a new electric razor. Take care for now until we meet again later, Kelli 

Kelli M. Riebesehl | Mommy Blogger